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Chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes after you eat can help prevent cavities. This may seem like a dubious claim, but it’s true! The key to chewing gum’s effectiveness is a very simple process your body has for protecting your mouth and teeth: the production of saliva.

Saliva is the first defense the body has against cavities and tooth decay.  Saliva washes away harmful bacteria that cause plaque buildup; it can even neutralize dangerous acids responsible for tooth erosion. Chewing sugared gum or sucking on candy can also promote saliva, of course, but this doesn’t work to prevent tooth decay. Unfortunately, the sugars present in the conventional candy feeds bacteria present in your mouth, which then produce acids that erode your teeth. This negates the benefits of chewing gum. Thus, chewing sugar-free gum is recommended by the ADA.

Some sugarless gums have even been granted the ADA Seal of Acceptance. This seal can be found on many dental healthcare products. It is earned through the American Dental Association and guarantees that you are getting a product that does what it says it does. In this case, the gum helps prevent cavities by promoting saliva production.

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