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Do you think you might be allergic to something at the dentist office? It’s time to play detective! Here are some dental allergies to think about:

Latex is an ingredient in many kinds of dental supplies, such as disposable gloves, dental dams, syringes, and bandages. Only about 1-5% of the population is allergic to latex. However, that number jumps to 17% if you work in medicine. The more you’ve been exposed to it, the greater your chances of developing an allergy. Possible symptoms are hives, itching, a stuffy or a runny nose, wheezing, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, or skin problems, and they usually start only minutes after exposure.

Of any metal, nickel is the most common metal allergy. Those with piercings develop it most easily, causing an itchy rash upon contact with the skin. Nickel is placed in some types of restorative work and orthodontic appliances. Allergies to other metal alloys like mercury, gold, platinum, silver, and cobalt are also possible, though much more unusual. Metal allergies tend to be more about skin contact, so an allergic reaction to a metal dental appliance inside the mouth is exceedingly rare.

Resins are the main ingredients of many dental materials, such as composite fillings, sealants, bonding agents, crowns, and bridges. Allergies to resins usually occur a day or two after exposure, where the patient may experience itching of the skin, a burning sensation, reddening, swelling, and lightheadedness.

If you think you have an allergy to something at our dental office, meet with an allergist or dermatologist for an allergy test. When you find the source of your allergy, please let Oradent Associates know and we will be sure to use alternate supplies at your appointment. If you have any concerns, you can always call Dr. Larry Hoffman, Steven Flicker, & David Sher in Chicago, Illinois at 773-478-5520.