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Each one of your teeth is held in your jaw and anchored in the socket by a series of small, yet strong periodontal ligaments. In extreme situations, a blow to the face during sports or an accidental hard fall can sometimes knock one of your teeth out of the socket. The majority of the incidents result in the total loss of the tooth.

Here at Oradent Associates, we often recommend that a knocked out tooth be completely replaced with a dental implant.

Most people choose to be fully sedated for the implant procedure, so you will need to arrange for someone to drive you home afterward.

The dental implant procedure involves making a small channel in your jawbone, then a titanium post is screwed into place. A hard plastic temporary crown is then secured atop the implanted post to keep it safe while your body naturally fuses the post in place.

Once the implanted post is incorporated into your mouth, Dr. Hoffman, Dr. Flicker, and Dr. Sher can fit you for a standard crown. Once the permanent crown is installed, you will have the full function and appearance of your mouth again.

If you have recently had a tooth knocked out or extracted, and you would like to have it replaced with a dental implant in Chicago, Illinois, you should call Oradent Associates at 773-478-5520 to set up an appointment with our dentists.