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If you have been wanting to brighten your smile for the upcoming autumnal festivities, the quickest, safest option is through the process of professional teeth whitening. Our dentist, Dr. Hoffman, Dr. Flicker, and Dr. Sher offer Zoom Whitening for our patients in Chicago, Illinois, seeking to remove discoloration from their teeth to noticeably whiten their teeth.

There are many factors which can cause your pearly whites to become discolored and darken. Whether from the normal aging process, excessive fluoridation, tobacco use, medications, illness or even just through the day-to-day consumption of staining beverages like tea, coffee, soda or red wine, your teeth’s appearance can be professionally restored.

During your teeth whitening treatment, your dentist will first protect your gums and soft oral tissues using a shield before painting the whitening solution onto your teeth. Then, the whitening solution will be activated using a special ultraviolet light. Once the whitening solution is activated, the solution effectively breaks up the stains on the teeth. Our ZOOM whitening treatment successfully turns yellowed, discolored teeth white again by safely removing stubborn or severe stains.

Have you been wanting to add renewed luster to your smile this holiday season? If so, we invite you to call Oradent Associates today at 773-478-5520 for a professional teeth whitening treatment with one of our skilled dentists. If you would rather whiten your smile in the comfort and convenience of your own home, we also offer take-home teeth whitening in Chicago, Illinois.