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Many different options exist in order to help you restore your smile. Whether you have chipped, decaying, fractured teeth, or teeth with large gaps between them, here at Oradent Associates we offer many cosmetic dentistry procedures you can undergo in order to restore your smile.

One of those is dental bonding, a very affordable and quick process. Let’s look at the dental bonding procedure.


You’ll first need to come visit Dr. Larry Hoffman, Steven Flicker, & David Sher for a consultation to see if bonding is right for you. For larger problems, crowns or implants are usually a good bet. However, small issues with your teeth are perfect candidates for the bonding procedure.

Resin application

Once you’re cleared for bonding, your tooth is prepared to receive a tooth-colored, putty-like resin. This resin is incredibly malleable, meaning Dr. Larry Hoffman, Steven Flicker, & David Sher can work it until it matches the exact shape and size needed to make your teeth look wonderful again.

Then, the resin is hardened with the use of an ultraviolet light. Afterwards, there may be some further trimming and shaping. The resin is then polished until it matches the rest of your teeth, and you’re done! The process can usually be accomplished in one visit.

If you’re interested in dental bonding, and think that your smile imperfections can be fixed with this procedure, don’t wait any longer to get your smile back. Get in touch with us at 773-478-5520 to schedule your appointment today.